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POST GENERAL is an outdoor lifestyle brand from Japan that blends outdoor camping with urban living. We offer outdoor leisure equipment that can be used every day.

They believe in adding texture to antique goods from England with the concept of time. POST GENERAL aims to imbue their products with additional value through thoughtful design.

EVERYDAY LIFEWe enhance existing products with unique designs, materials, functionality, and style, allowing you to fall in love with everyday items. Whether it's going shopping, relaxing in the living room, cleaning the house, or enjoying a cup of coffee, they believe that every moment in daily life should be cherished.

HAVE FUNWe believe that personal interests should have individuality. Pursuing what you love is important. Even in non-routine leisure activities like cycling, traveling, or outdoor adventures, they encourage self-expression and having fun.

POST GENERAL values everyone's interests and aims to incorporate a playful spirit, even if it caters to niche preferences.

DO WORKWe promote joyful and pleasant work experiences. We understand that commuting and work hours can sometimes be frustrating, so we offer tools and accessories with personal style to enhance motivation and create a happy working environment. Explore POST GENERAL's range of work tools.